Dr Abdulmalek A. Al AlshaikhWater is life's most precious resource. Our need for it is increasing exponentially, along with the human population. If we are to guarantee that there will be enough water for future generations, we must engage in a concerted global effort to make water available, to ensure its sustainability, and to protect it from contamination.

This is why every two years, ICWRAE – the International Conference on Water Resources and Arid Environments – brings together a distinguished body of scholars and experts from around the world to share water-related research in a spirit of benevolence and with a global vision.

ICWRAE has the following general objectives:

  1. To exchange knowledge and share information in water resources and desert-related fields
  2. To explore the use of new technologies in the study of arid and semi-arid environments and their natural resources
  3. To provide an opportunity for decision makers, experts, and scientists to share their expertise in order to find integrative and comprehensive solutions for water resource problems.

We need to work together in trust and with a sense of shared responsibility. Our efforts must remain above the narrow concerns of geography, politics, or economic interests, because human life, wherever it is found, is truly the most precious thing, and water is the most precious component of human life.

---- Dr. Abdulmalek A. Al Alshaikh
Chairman of the ICWRAE Steering Committee

[Dr. Abdulmalek A. Al Alshaikh is also the Director of the Prince Sultan Institute for Environmental, Water and Desert Research at King Saud University, and the General Secretary of the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water.]