7th International Conference on Water Resources and Arid

4-6 December 2016


Samba, a leading financial services group in the Middle East, was established in 1980 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and provides world class services to private, corporate and institutional customers in Saudi Arabia, the UK, the UAE, Pakistan and Qatar. A market leader in retail banking, customized private banking, wealth management and corporate services, Samba has built long-standing relationships with a wide range of clients. The Bank’s world class corporate offerings include financing for Small to Medium Enterprises, public sector and financial institutions, global transaction services, and treasury operations.

Samba was the first Bank to offer Priority Banking (Gold and Diamond), Phone Banking, Credit Shield, Saving Linked Insurance, and Cash Deposit through ATMs, Speed Cash Remittance Service and Automated Signature Verification. It was also the first bank to establish a dedicated Investment Department, introduced the first local equity fund and the first fund, (SAIF), open to overseas investors and listed on the London Security Exchange.

Also Samba has a long history of effective social participation which stems from our belief in the need for community involvement in our successes. We believe that social involvement enhances the prosperity and economic growth of individuals and communities, side-by-side with the growth of our business. With our considerable capital in talent and resources, and our reach and impact on people’s lives, we have the ability to be a formidable force for good and progress.

We have continued to help develop Saudi youth through a program designed to enhance their communication skills, self-expressions, work organization methods, their ability to develop documents and reports, task prioritization, teamwork, leadership, initiative and innovation, time management, and work technologies, such as the computer and its applications.

Samba has also supported studies and strategic research for the development of education, in line with the requirements of the labor market and the diversity of employment opportunities, taking into account the high state appropriations allocated for the education sector. Samba also continues to support small and medium enterprises so that they can create more jobs and support national economic growth. In addition, we introduced a program for families to help them control expenses and plan their family budget.

Every year, we support charities, professional associations, cultural activities, civic causes, educational programs, healthcare initiatives, and much more.


Al-Rashid Trading & Contacting Company (Closed Joint Stock Company) was established in 1957 and expanded vigorously in the field of contracting. RTCC was awarded with contracts to build numerous houses, college campus, medical centers, infrastructure, water supply works, and railway project from renowned clients. Some of the clients (KSA) of RTCC are; Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Education, Ministry of Interior (MOI), Ministry of Water & Electricity, Saudi Railway (SAR) Ministry of Finance and Public Investment Fund (PIF).

RTCC as a General Contractor is capable, anytime, of calling upon the best of materials as well as engineering and technical expertise to meet the most stringent international standards required for executing the work assigned. We undertake and execute all major trades such as Civil, Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical works.

Fulfillments of RTCCs commitments timely and efficiently with QUALITY towards its clients proved her to be competent in the construction sector and became one of the leading national companies of Saudi Arabia.

Projects of RTCC are at many parts of the Kingdom and are broadly classified into three sectors, namely:

1. Water Sector (Water Transmission, Pipelines and Refinement)
2. Buildings Sector (Residential, Medical Centers, College Campus and Commercial)
3. Railway Sector