December 26-28-2022


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


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Day 1 Session A

Water sector reform in view of the 2030 vision (KSA)

Day 1 Session A

Science and Technology of 2D-materials-based membranes for water filtration

Day 1 Session A

Upcycling biomass waste as effective water purification materials by nitro-oxide process

Day 1 Session A

Upcycling the biomass waste for water purification

Day 1 Session B

Harvesting water from desert air

Day 1 Session B

Addressing water security through hydro-environmental engineering and research

Day 1 Session B

Water Sensing with Reflected GPS/GNSS Signals

Day 1 Session B

Measuring rainfall from satellite observations over the planet: An update of the PERSIANN system

Day 2 Session A

Recycling & reclamation of water from palm oil mill effluent using integrated membrane system

Day 2 Session A

Sustainability at the solar energy-water nexus

Day 2 Session A

Climate change in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Day 2 Session A

Novel hollow fiber membrane development for water reuse: from lab study to commercialization

Day 2 Session A

A scalable solar-driven water production device

Day 2 Session A

Technology to support the human right to safe drinking water : Stopping arsenic poisoning

Day 2 Session A

The Future of treated wastewater reuse in the MENA region

Day 2 Session A

The changing water cycle

Day 2 Session B

Sustainability of the Water, Energy, Food Nexus in the Humid Caribbean Versus Arid MENA: Projections and Innovative Solutions

Day 2 Session B

Hydrological modeling for water resources management in arid environments

Day 2 Session B

Understanding the growing challenge of water security in the Arab world

Day 2 Session B

Microplastics pollution in mixed surface and treated wastewaters from Saudi Arabia. Can organic contaminants be absorbed by microplastic particles?

Day 2 Session B

Changes in Flood Risk

Day 2 Session B

Integrated water management portfolio analysis using hydro-economic modeling

Day 2 Session B

Climate, oceans, and human health: What cholera can teach us about COVD-19

Day 2 Session B

“The fusion of science and stakeholder engagement for public policy in the water sector”

Day 3 Session A

Water or Health: Where to Put the Money?

Day 3 Session A

The cost-efficient and environmentally friendly nano-porous filter medium

Day 3 Session A

Advanced governance frameworks for total treatment and reuse of industrial wastewater in Saudi Arabia: A case study

Day 3 Session A

Scale-up and demonstration of innovative photocatalytic nanofiltration technology for pollutants removal and water recovery

Day 3 Session A

Resource recovery from the water with ion-exchange membranes: focus on lithium

Day 3 Session A

Water diplomacy: A principled pragmatic approach to resolve complex water problems

Day 3 Session A

Robust surface-modified composite flat sheet, hollow fiber, micro-and nano-fibrous membranes for desalination by membrane distillation technology

Day 3 Session B

Sustainable water supply and desalination technology

Day 3 Session B

Recent advances in 'Enhanced Managed Artificial Recharge' to renaturalize reclaimed water

Day 3 Session B

The importance of modeling hydraulic conductivity heterogeneity

Day 3 Session B

Quantitative evaluation of the vulnerability to seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers using a new normalized groundwater age-based index: Implications for management and risk assessments

Day 3 Session B

A path towards sustainable aquifer management: Example - the North China Plain

Day 3 Session B

Key software tools for understanding and managing water flow and contaminant transport processes in the vadose zone

Day 3 Session B

Challenges and opportunities in experiments to improve insights and advance modeling to address emerging global problems in hydrology, water, and the environment

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Shahbaz Khan

Director and Representative

Ahmed Elhag

Associate Professor

Mahaad Shammas

Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering


Teacher - Researcher

Mohamed Abdelhamid Dawoud

Senior Water Resources Advisor

Richard M. Vogel


Aisha Mufti Al-Qurashi

Expert, Floods and Arid Zone Hydrology

Ramadan Hassany

Assistant Lecturer

Hassan M. El Shaer

Former Vice President of DRC, Director of Egyptian Center of Excellence for Saline Agriculture

Aleksandr Tskhai

Chief Researcher / Full Professor

Etemad Mohammed

Professor at the Institute

Hamad Johem Alazmi

PHD Graduate

Eman Goher

General Manager of Research and Development

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The event takes place from 15:00 GMT (18:00 Riyadh time) from 29-31 March 2021

No. Attendees may have the ability to request a video chat, but it is not required to participate.

No matter what role you’re playing in the event, you can visit the live Info Desk in the lobby for help with any questions or troubleshooting issues that may arise. If you need technical assistance with the platform, you can email helpdesk@getvfairs.io.

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